Obstetrical Care

Women’s Care Florida, Delaney OB/GYN offers professional care for both routine and high risk pregnancies from pre-conception through your post-partum period. High risk pregnancies can include the following: multiple births, chronic high blood pressure, health issues in mother or baby. All of our deliveries are done at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. Our main goal is “Healthy mother, healthy baby”.

What to expect at your initial office visit:

  • Establish a relationship with your physician and his/her nurse
  • Onsite ultrasound (sonogram) to ensure the most accurate due date
  • Review of your medical history
  • Onsite lab work
  • Receive information about what to expect during your pregnancy and at future appointments

What to expect during your pregnancy:

  • Regularly scheduled appointments with your physician with the option to rotate and meet other physicians
  • An anatomy ultrasound done at 20 weeks with additional ultrasounds as medically indicated
  • Vaccinations recommended during your pregnancy such as flu vaccine and TDAP (whooping cough)
  • Recommendations given for pediatric care for your baby after delivery
  • Onsite childbirth and breastfeeding classes offered by newmom2b. Additional information is available at their website.
  • If you decide to have a birth plan for your labor, we will review it with you during an office visit.
  • Discussion with your physician about your labor and what to expect at the hospital
  • Onsite non-stress test, if indicated

What to expect at the hospital:

  • Our two certified nurse midwives – Sarah Jones and Kim Kaufmann – spend most of their time at the hospital and team with our physicians to provide care during your childbirth experience in the hospital.
  • If you think you are in labor, go directly to Winnie Palmer Hospital where you and your baby will be evaluated by the hospital nurses. The nurses will contact the on call physician or certified nurse midwife for the group.
  • Our physicians and midwives rotate call. If a certified nurse midwife is on call, there is also a physician available.
  • Someone from the office will see you each day that you are in the hospital
  • Anesthesia services are available on labor and delivery in the hospital
  • Pre-register with the hospital during your third trimester
  • Vaginal delivery patients usually stay in the hospital 1-2 days
  • C-section patients usually stay in the hospital 3-4 days
  • Lactation services are available at the hospital