In Office Procedures

At Women’s Care Florida, Delaney OB/GYN we do in office surgery once a month. These procedures are done in the surgical suite in our downtown office. We have a pre-op room, surgical operating room, and a post-op room for recovery. A board certified anesthesiologist and a medical/surgical registered nurse come to the office on surgery day to assist with surgical procedures.

What to expect:

  • Your in office surgical experience starts with an office appointment with one of our physicians. We will explain the procedure to you and have you sign a consent for the procedure. You will be given your pre-operative and post-operative instructions on this day.
  • A few days prior to the office procedure, our anesthesiologist will call you and speak with you about the surgery and how best to make you comfortable.
  • You will be unable to drive yourself home after your procedure, so please make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from our office that day.
  • On the day of surgery, you are met by a nurse who will take you to the pre-op room and start your IV. You will meet with your physician prior to the procedure.
  • You are then walked into the surgical operating room and our anesthesiologist will make you comfortable.
  • When your surgery is complete, you are moved into the post-operative area. A registered nurse will monitor your recovery.
  • Your physician will come see you after and talk to you about how your procedure went and what occurred.
  • Within the hour, you are on your way home to your own comfortable bed! The whole process will last about two hours total.
  • We will make sure your pain is minimal prior to going home and will provide prescriptions for pain and nausea as necessary.
  • You will receive a phone call from our office within 48 hours to make sure you are doing well and answer any questions.
  • We recommend that you take the day of and a few days after the surgery off from work. Our in-office surgery days are typically on Thursdays. This means that you can take Thursday and Friday off, relax on the weekend, and then go back to work on Monday morning.
  • You will typically come in for a post operative appointment about a week or two later.
  • As always, our office staff and physicians are just a phone call away.

Common procedures done in office include: hysteroscopy, dilation and curettage, polypectomy, LEEP, vaginal cyst removal, Essure tubal ligation, and Novasure endometrial ablation.