I am pregnant. When I deliver, who will deliver my baby?

We have 5 physician who do OB in Women’s Care Florida, Delaney OB/GYN: Dr Scott, Dr. Thatcher, Dr. Fritz, Dr. Merritt and Dr. Chambers. They each take call on a rotating basis and will be available to deliver your baby. We are also very fortunate to have midwives for your comfort: Sarah Jones (on the weekdays) and Kim Kaufmann (on the weekends). We all practice very similar and all have the same philosophy, “Healthy mom, healthy baby.”

I have a question and the office is closed! What do I do?

If it is important, call the office. Between 5pm and 11pm weekdays and 7am to 11pm on weekends, the doctor on call or the midwife answers the phone calls. If it is an emergency, don’t call us, call 911 and go to the hospital. If it can wait, call the office the next morning and our nurses will speak with you!

I was told I might need surgery, who do I see?

All 6 of the physicians at Women’s Care Florida, Delaney OB/GYN do surgery. All of us do minimally invasive surgery and same day surgery both in office and in the hospital. Dr. Fritz and Dr. Chambers do robotic surgery. Dr. Scott and Dr. Merritt do vaginal repairs like anterior and posterior repairs. Call and make an appt. We can get you to the doctor you need to see.

Who returns my phone call during office hours?

Each physican has a nurse. The nurse for the physician you see will return your phone call.

Do I need to fill out paperwork before my appt?

Yes! Even better you can do so on line. We have a link to Women’s Care Florida and all the paperwork can be found there.

How many offices do you have?

Two! Our Downtown office is the main office. It is where all 6 doctors see patients. We also have three ultrasonographers at this office and do NSTs during pregnancy. Our East office is on Lake Underhill Road in between Dean and Rouse road. Dr. Merritt is there Monday and Tuesday. Dr. Chambers is there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We have an electronic medical record, so yes, you can office jump.

Where do you do surgery and deliveries?

Winnie Palmer Hospital

What vaccines do you offer?

Gardasil (HPV vaccine), Flu vaccine, Tdap (whooping cough/tetnus/diptheria), Hep B and Hep A.

When is the office open?

We open at 730 and close at 430, Monday through Thursday. Fridays we open at 730 and close at 1130.

I am pregnant and due anyday. When should I go to the hospital?

When you are contracting every 5 minutes for an hour and the contractions are lasting about a minute, if you break your water, if you bleed like a period or if your baby is not moving. Of course, for any other issues that you are not comfortable with, you can go be evaluated at the hospital or call the MD.